Video: Arsenal’s new kit – inspired by the late great Liam Brady

The Gunners have finally launched a new kit, and it’s inspired by a legendary player who left the club.
Liam Brady was a goalkeeper who played for the Gunners from the late 60s till the early 80s. He was a true legend of the game, and his departure from the club was a real shock.
The new Arsenal shirt is a tribute to the man who left it in the first place. The new kit is a bright and striking design, which will be a great addition to the current collection.
You can see the new kit in the video below. It shows the club’s fans the new design of the shirt.

Arsenal’s new shirt
The club has launched a special new kit for the first time in a long time. The design is inspired by one of the greatest football players of all time, Liam Brady.
Brady was a legendary goalkeeper who left Arsenal in the late 1960s. His career was cut short by injury, and he was only able to return to the field for the final match of the season.
He was a great goalkeeper, and the Gunner fans loved him so much that they decided to pay tribute to him by creating a special shirt. The club’s new design is a striking and bright version of the famous blue and yellow.
It has a striking design with a large number of bright colors. The shirt has a short sleeves and is made from a light and flexible fabric. The sleeves are cut in a way that the player can wear them with a short jacket.
Fans can see a lot of different colors in the new shirt. It has a bright red, a bright yellow, a cool blue, a nice shade of green, and a nice black.
This is a great opportunity to show off the club’s colors and to show the fans the team’ colors.
Arsenal fans can see their new shirt on the club website. It is easy to find it and see all the colors. You can also follow the club on the social media platforms.
Visit the club site to find out more about the club and the new shirts.
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