Manchester United: Mourinho is not worried about Paul Pogba fitness

Manchester United are in the middle of a crisis. Jose Mourinho is trying to save the club, but the situation is not easy. The team is in the Champions League zone, but it is not in the zone of the main contenders for the title. The main problem is the lack of motivation.
It is obvious that the players are not in a good mood. The situation worsened after the defeat of Liverpool. The defeat of the Merseysiders was a real blow to the team. The players did not show their best game, and the result was a draw.
The situation worsened even more after the victory of the team in the Europa League. The Champions League is the most important competition of the season, and Manchester United is not a favorite of the tournament.

The team lost to Valencia in the first round. The game was close, but Valencia was able to take the lead in the second half. The result of the game was a 1:0.
At the same time, the team is not happy with the results of the Champions Cup. The first match of the group stage was a disaster. The match ended with a score of 0:3.
In the Europa Cup, the situation was worse. The results of games were not so bad, but they were not enough to save Manchester United.
However, the fans are not satisfied with the current situation. The fans want to see the team’s performance in the Premier League.
Manchester City and Chelsea are in a crisis
The Premier League is very important for the team, because it is the main competition of its position in the English championship. The last time the team was in the same position was in 1990.
Chelsea and Manchester City are the main competitors of the Red Devils. The City is in a much better shape, but Chelsea is in better shape.
City is in an even worse shape than the previous season. The club is in crisis, and it is very difficult to find a solution to the problems of the club.
Jose Mourinho has a lot of problems. The coach has a very difficult task, because the team needs to save its place in the top 4. The current situation is a result of Mourinho’ actions. The Portuguese coach does not give his best, and his team loses points in matches against weaker teams.
There is a lot to be done, and Mourinho does not want to let the club lose points in the fight for the champion title.
United needs to improve the results in the matches against the weaker teams, and this is the only way to save Mourinho”s job.
Liverpool and Manchester Utd are in crisis
Liverpool is in great crisis. The Merseysides team is very weak and does not show its best game. The problem is not only the lack motivation, but also the fact that the team does not have a good lineup.
One of the problems is the absence of Sadio Mane. The player is not able to play in the attack. The lack of Mane is one of the reasons of the failure of the Liverpool team in matches with the main rivals.
Another problem is that the club has a bad selection of players in the squad. The most obvious problem is a lack of a good goalkeeper.
Despite the problems, the Reds are still able to fight for gold medals. The fact is that they have a lot more chances to win the title, but there are not enough points in their favor.
This situation is very serious for Jose Mourinho, and he needs to solve the problems quickly. The problems of Liverpool are not the only ones, and there are also problems with the team’s lineup. The Red devils are not able at the moment to show its maximum.
Will Mourinho’s team be able to win gold medals again?
It seems that the situation with the club is not going to change, and Jose Mourinho will not give up. The English Premier League has become more and more difficult for the Red devils. The previous season, the club was in a position to win a lot, but this time the result is not so good.
If we look at the results, we can see that the Mersey team has a serious problem with the defense. The defense of the squad is not very good, and Liverpool lost a lot in the last rounds.
Also, the defense of Manchester United was not very effective. The United defense is not good, but its problems are not so serious.
So, the main problem of the Reds is the defense, and they will not be able win gold in the current season.
What can happen in the future?
The future of the situation of the clubs is not clear, but we can say that the current crisis of Liverpool is not the last. The teams will fight for places in the elite division.
We can expect a lot from the teams, because they have good players and good lineup, and if they play well, they can win a place in a higher division. The future of Jose Mourinho‘s team is uncertain, but if the team continues to lose points, it will be very difficult for Mourinho to save his job. The Reds have a very good chance to win, but not at the right time.
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